Call for submissions for Innovation Showcase Videos

WEEF & GEDC 2020 invites submissions for short showcase videos to be presented in a special session called The Innovation Showcase during the conference. This Innovation Showcase is targeted at providing a platform for groups that have been involved in innovative and interesting projects or technologies that support the education of engineering students and graduates.

To apply to participate in the showcases, individuals are invited to submit an abstract of 150 words or less describing their initiative. The abstract should cover the details of the project, its value to engineering education, and disclosure of any relevant funding or financial interest. The abstract should be submitted via email to

Successful submissions will be invited to prepare 5 minute showcase videos for review.
Please note that at least one member of the project team must register for the conference.

150 word abstract: 21 October 2020
Showcase video: 31 October 2020

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