Award Ceremonies

1. Diversity Award Session

Description of Session :
The GEDC Diversity Award aims to shine a light on successful projects that inspire students from all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering. The long-term goal of the award is to increase diversity among the global community of engineers so that the engineering industry reflects the diversity of the communities it supports, with diversity recognized as a driver for innovation and growth. Join the GEDC in celebrating the 2020 Diversity Award Finalists and learn about their important initiatives

WEEF/GEDC Diversity Award Session (November 18 at 7:30- 8:15 AM EST // 14:30-15:15 CAT)

  1. Introduction to Diversity Award – Sirin Tekinay
  2. Introduction to 2020 Diversity Award Committee Members
  3. Thank you to George Mason University
  4. 2020 Diversity Award Sponsor, Siemens – Dora Smith
  5. Announcement of three finalists – Diversity Award Committee
  6. Finalist – Lelanie Smith, Pretoria University
  7. Finalist – Elham Marzi, University of Toronto
  8. Winner – William Oakes, Purdue University
  9. Closing– Sirin Tekinay

2. Duncan Fraser Award Session

  1. Welcome remarks: IFEES Duncan Fraser Award Committee Chair – Ariela Sofer
  2. Overview of the history and purpose of the Duncan Fraser Award – Uriel Cukierman
  3. Words by member(s) of the Duncan Fraser family
  4. Comments about the Award and MathWorks commitment to the Award – PJ Boardman
  5. Introduction of this year’s recipient of the Award – Debbie Blaine
  6. Ten minute presentation by Award recipient 2020 – Sheryl Sorby
  7. Final Words of thanks – Ramiro Jordan, IFEES president

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